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Once a Procurement Department* has earned QPPD Accreditation, it is eligible and encouraged to apply for Pareto Accreditation. While the QPPD is a self-assessment that focuses on the Procurement Department, the Pareto requires an external validation and review of Procurement’s strategic and operational functions as well as its stakeholder interactions. This is a more rigorous evaluation, including narrative responses, documentation, and stakeholder interviews. Entities that earn the Pareto are accredited for five years.

QPPD accreditation must be active and not expire prior to approval of the Pareto Award. Entities should allow four to six months to complete a Pareto Accreditation assessment. Due to the extensive review process, NIGP will not be able to consider applications filed within six months of their expiration date of the QPPD. We recommend applying for Pareto Accreditation at least nine months prior to the QPPD expiration/renewal date.

Contact Accreditation@NIGP.org for questions and additional program information.

*Note: We are referring to “Procurement Departments” with the acknowledgement that each entity may use a different name such as Division, Office, or Unit. 

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Process and Method for Scoring

Phase 1: Applicants submit their narrative and document responses

For each question, scoring is as follows:

  • 0 - below Pareto expectations
  • 1 - meets Pareto expectations
  • 2 - exceeds Pareto expectations

Applicants must achieve a score of 68, the equivalent of “meets Pareto expectations” for each question, to progress to Phase 2.

Consultants will provide feedback based on their review and may seek clarification, as appropriate, during the evaluation process. 

Phase 2: Validation of application and assessment of how Procurement interacts with the entity.

The entity identifies a person to schedule focus groups with consultants, for example: 

  • Executives and department heads
  • Primary customer departments
  • Suppliers

Final score: Consultants independently score, then discuss and reach consensus. 

Report with feedback: Consultants write a report that summarizes Phases 1 and 2, including feedback, documentation of focus groups, and comments for each of the application categories. The report conclusion recommends for or against accreditation. 

Pareto Accreditation Fee Structure

  • Phase 1: $2,000
  • Phase 2: $4,000
  • Total Entity Cost: $6,000

NIGP will contact the entity for the full payment prior to Phase 1 review. Please list the name and contact information for the person whom NIGP should contact for payment. Should the Applicant not progress to Phase 2, the funds for that phase will be refunded.

Click here to begin the application for Pareto Accreditation.